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Our photography projects aim to inspire change and shine a light on the issues affecting the black community.

We are proud to announce our upcoming photo exhibition on October 16th 2023, at the Art Gallery of Ottawa which will showcase some of our most powerful and thought-provoking work.

Join us in this important movement.

Please mark your calendars and join me in supporting the young black women of Ottawa at the "Overcoming Racism Together" photography exhibition.

This event, hosted by the Art Gallery of Ottawa on October 16th, 2023 and U SHINE Movement in partnership with 
Resolutions 2023 Conferences from 
La Passerelle-IDE initiative will showcase the beauty and strength of our community through the art of photography.

These young photographers are proud to be a part of the Mouvement U SHINE Movement and we are thrilled to share our message with the world.

Let's stand together against racism and make a difference in our community.

Carolyne M. Chatel
Founder and CEO 

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